17 June – Chinese Opera Festival, Modernity and more…

chinese opera festivalChinese traditional theatre is a composite performing art form which requires actors to undergo rigorous training in all four aspects of singing, delivery of lines, acting and martial arts, before they can reach the consummate states of ‘blending skills with art’ and ‘giving compelling performances through art’. Among the four aspects, ‘acting’ and ‘martial arts’ need years of punishing exercise and training before they can be delivered on stage with seeming ease and immaculate precision. Chinese-Opera-FestivalThe LCSD’s Chinese Opera Festival a month long festival devoted to this art form showcases many facets of this unique Chinese cultural heritage. In this year’s Chinese Opera Festival, offers prepared eight productions from the ‘civil’ and the ‘military’ repertories that would highlight ‘acting’ and ‘martial arts’ in Chinese opera, at the same time demonstrating the vitality of this age-old art form. 20 June till 28 July at various locations, tickets from URBTIX.

ModernityIn connection with its present exhibition of René Burri’s photographs of architects and architecture, The University Museum and Art Gallery is presenting an evening devoted to ‘Modernity – Modern Architecture in an International Context’. The evening begins with Dr Florian Knothe, Director of UMAG, who will guide you through the recently opened exhibition of photo-journalist René Burri’s images of master architects and masterpiece architecture of Modernism, in order to explain the relation the photographer build up with some of his subjects and the richness of imagery that resulted from his long-term documentation of some of the world’s most spectacular modernist buildings. Rene Buri_Guided TourThis will be followed by Dr Hoyin Lee, Director of the Architectural Conservation Programmes (ACP) at The University of Hong Kong and a scholar of Hong Kong’s heritage modernist architecture, who will lecture on the artistic, decorative and social aspects of modernist architecture, and their meaning and presence in contemporary urban planning, city development and building design. Professor Lynne DiStefano, Adjunct Professor of ACP and an ICOMOS-appointed evaluator of nominated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will join Lee and Knothe for a round-table discussion on modernist architecture, its international presence and enduring importance in Hong Kong and abroad. 18 June, at 6-8pm at the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery. Admission is free.

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